Engineering & Design

Using our five-step manufacturing, engineering & design process, we focus on improving and developing systems that meet our customer’s manufacturing goals. Our business model leverages our resources, as the majority of our designed products are manufactured in the same building where our product development team is stationed. Imagination and creation within the same four walls allows us to respond quickly and provide more effective solutions.

Precision Machining

The art of machining is a complex process of envisioning possibility, seeing opportunity where there are problems, and executing that vision through to manufacturing of a precision part of component.

Fabrication & Assembly

We’re fully equipped to fabricate from several types of materials. Our talented team utilizes years of experience to limit distortion and stress in fabricated details. Our assembly department is fully equipped and stocked with standard fasteners and components for a fast response time.

Prototyping & Production

Whether you need one part or one hundred thousand parts, we’ve got you covered. With a wide range of equipment, we offer efficient, cost effective solutions for producing parts from many material types and shapes. We love difficult to machine parts and materials, and unmatched quality is our goal.