If we only did what we
know how to do now,
we would never be
more than we are today.

– Ed Brabandt


Systematic Manufacturing Inc. was founded in January 2011, as EB Problem Solver when Ed Brabandt built a garage to house his first machine and began working as a contract precision machine component supplier. He began by manufacturing robotic components after the rebound of a major economic downturn. Since then, we have grown to provide solutions for our customers, that goes beyond providing precision machining services.

The one-man operation was founded with the intention of keeping the business small. After realizing his ability to identify system shortcomings and create a longer lasting impact on society, the company was re-branded and transitioned into the Systematic Manufacturing Inc. we know today. With a clear vision to develop efficient, effective, ergonomic, and cost-effective systems that could scale and serve manufacturers in many industries. SMI will succeed at Making Modern Manufacturing Better.

Today, our primary focus is to seek opportunities that resolve manufacturing shortcomings and inefficiencies. The SMI team has grown through the years developing expertise in precision machining, machine design, and system development. By marrying these elements, we can offer simple creative solutions to our customers. “The bigger the problem, the greater the opportunity,” says founder Ed Brabandt.